Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Statement Necklace

I am a HUGE fan of a statement necklace.

Currently in the midst of a cold and wet Melbourne winter, I leave the house each morning rugged up in a coat and scarf but, always, I am wearing a necklace underneath that I cannot wait to unveil when the coat & scarf come off!

A statement necklace, when styled correctly, can turn a simple and practical outfit into fabulous & chic!  Wearing your statement necklace is a great way to show personal style and ensure that your look is unique, most definitely noticed and, most likely, envied by the fashionista's surrounding you!

Here, I am sharing 4 of my current favourite pieces from my own collection.  I personally favour a unique style that is most definitely eye catching and almost always commented on, even by the men in my life :)

Pictured above is my absolutely forever favourite piece - it's a Fiorina design (need I say more!) that was purchased from Salt boutique in Brighton, Victoria.  Fiorina have a flagship store in High Street Armadale - 
I wear this necklace probably more frequently than any other in my collection.  It completely transforms a simple jeans & t-shirt combo and is beyond chic when paired with a maxi-dress.  This Fiorina design is their best seller and I totally understand why!  Precious stones & silver findings including the always on trend European coin.  LOVE!

Next up is one of my Swarovski pieces.  Pictured above, it was purchased from a Swarovski boutique in March 2011.  It is very dear to my heart as it was an anniversary gift from my husband.  This very unique necklace looks fabulous with a leopard print blouse or an all black ensemble with leopard print heels!  I wear this necklace to work very often as it is very appropriate for the corporate look and lifts many of my work wardrobe staples, including a knee length, long sleeved red dress.  The gold plated necklace consists of 2 'discs' - one is covered in Swarovski crystals and the other is simply gold with the trademark Swarovski swan pattern.  It's a timeless piece - genius from this year's collection.

Here is my latest TRES chic addition to my jewellery collection - a vintage Chanel necklace.  I am forever in debt to the (obviously very stylish) lady that sold this to a local recycled vintage boutique.  It is a gold plated double loop necklace that has gold coins (yes, I am right into the coin trend!) scattered amongst a few cultured pearls.  I am not sure of the age of this necklace but it is in perfect condition.  I think it may be from a 1980's Chanel collection.  I have only had this necklace for less than one week and have already worn it twice!!  I wore it to work paired with a sea-green tunic belted dress, black cropped blazer, opaques and ankle boots.  It looked fabulous!  I also funked it up a bit for a dinner in Melbourne's Chinatown, accessorising a pair of leather pants and black felt t-shirt top with this gorgeous piece.  The top had an exposed gold zip at the back and worked so well with the gold Chanel sitting at my front.  The possibilities with a chic, vintage necklace such has this are endless.  I am so looking forward to making this necklace one of my best styling friends!

My final piece is this $16.95 necklace that I picked up recently from Forever New when shopping with a girlfriend.  It is a long, double-looped chain with several gold flowers that have a coral stone centre on each.  It is just so simple yet terribly chic and feminine.  I have worn this necklace several times and usually with a feminine, fitted blouse to work.  The trick to wearing a cheaper style necklace is to style it with well cut, quality fabric and prints.  Refrain from spraying perfume on any necklace (especially cheaper necklaces) and from getting them wet.  This will ensure the longevity of your (cheap &) chic jewellery!


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Targa - Byron Bay

We had breakfast at Targa in Byron Bay(same owner as the wonderful St Elmo) - the interior roof design was spectacular but it's a pity the food & service was a let down.

Byron Bay in Photos...

 Byron at Byron Resort

 One of the many boardwalks in the rainforest at the Byron at Byron Resort

Old School Byron

Byron Bay - Main Beach - 17 July 2011
My first ever blog! Exciting...I wonder how many people will read this & how they will find me?
Relaxed after 3 days away in Byron Bay at the gorgeous Byron at Byron resort. Stayed in a deluxe spa room which was heavenly. Found some chic buys and enjoyed an amazing night at St Elmo...authentic Spanish tapas & Sweet Charlotte cocktails. It was a very Melbourne like Saturday night. Friday night we drank at The Balcony, a Byron institution.
It rained all weekend so time was filled in by soaking in the deep spa bath, scouring local boutiques for unique & stylish finds, reading Vogue on the day bed perched on the rainforest & enjoying good coffee and homemade soup in local cafes. Of course, my husband & I enjoyed our time together also.
I will post some photos of my Byron Bay escape in the next day or two. Our breakfast venue had a car painted on the ceiling!
Oh...and my chic finds? A gold alligator skin pair of Samvara ballet flats, a flesh pink Palma scaled jacket & a $79.95 pair of skinny leather pants tagged XXS (but they may never fit again after the weekend's indulgences)!
The weekend was topped off by the wonderful girl at Virgin Australia who upgraded us to Premium Economy.
Pics coming soon.