Thursday, 3 November 2011

OMG YSL & make me so happy!

The DHL delivery man rang my mobile this morning, announcing that he was outside my office building with a package for me.

Low and behold was my YSL Arty Ring in the coveted and unattainable Turquoise! 

One is a size 5, the very same size as my other YSL Arty BUT this size 5 is smaller...I need a cold running tap to get this ring off....LOL!

It is NOT going back to Saks Fifth Avenue (and thanks Saks btw!).  I have actually lusted after this ring for almost 2 years and searched everywhere for it online...but it was sold out!  On my regular hunt last week, I found this one at Saks...only in size 5 and only 1 left.

We were meant to be.  I see purples, yellows, animal print (naturally) and this ring with me together in chic bliss!

I'm so happy & very much in love...for what will surely last a lot longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage!

...and here it is...firmly on my finger!

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