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Vogue Fashion Night Out - Sydney, 8 September 2011

VFNO - a personal snapshot 

On Thursday 8 September, just a few days ago, I flew to Sydney to attend the Vogue Fashion Night Out.

I did not attend the event with any expectations and tried to clear my mind of any preconceptions.

My verdict?  It was a great night!

I think it was Pitt Street that my equally fashion-addicted girlfriend and I were dropped off in by her (seriously) patient boyfriend.  We walked toward Westfield in the Mall and the crowds just got larger the closer we got.  There were hardly any men and zero children amongst the hoards of fashionista's and their designer shopping bags.  It was not even 7pm and my heart soared!

To make a long story (much) short(er), we hit up Chanel, Miu Miu, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Wolford and Paul & Joe.  At the end of the night, when my Chanel booties could feel comfortable no more, we searched DJ's quickly...and could only stare in awe at the array of fresh and bright flowers literally owning the cosmetics area.

Darling, the champagne was flowing and the canapes most fancy.  Naturally, I've discovered that this is the only way that a lady should shop. Unfortunately for the boutiques that we visited, I had already bought myself a pair of Prada Cats Eye sunnies at the airport and felt guilt ridden before I even took my first sip of the champagne intended to part me from my hard earned cash.  My girlfriend, shopped out from 2 weeks in NYC, was equally close to her cash.

My finds?  A Miu Miu teal bracelet (my girlfriend and I loved it so much we each bought one as a friendship bracelet for each other.  Such a cute idea (and perfect for when girlfriends like the same thing..).  Loving how it looks with my Love bracelet!!!

Miu Miu Leather bracelet in teal (amazing with my Love bracelet!)

I bought a gorgeous Salvatore Ferragamo red leather skinny belt.  I love a subtle look and this belt is definitely subtle...yet it is chic and for those in the know, a classic fashion find.  I have already worn the belt with white skinny jeans and a cobalt striped shirt (another find, this time from Country Road @ David Jones).

Ferragamo Belt 
Finally, I would like to share my one "I must get when I go to Vogue Fashion Night Out" item. The Wolford Bonny Dots pantyhose.  I LOVE a polka dot (or 50) so these pantyhose represent all that I love in fashion - having fun!  These, naturally, were worn at their first opportunity - today at work...and yes, the ladies (and the men!) LOVED them too.

Wolford Bonny Dots 

I will attend Vogue Fashion Night Out again next year and I have already had more than a handful of "please take us with you next year" requests and naturally, I will oblige anyone who loves to shop & can keep up with me!

It was a fabulous night & I loved it!!
Miu Miu's pretty packaging 

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